Veggies is volunteer-led, a community-based, social enterprise based in Nottingham, UK.  We provide vegan catering and have supported campaigns for humans, other animals and the environment since 1984.

Veggies / Sumac Community Food Hub

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Veggies in Nottingham

Veggies Catering Campaign provides food at almost any event – from campaign rallies to community festivals, from family celebrations to green gatherings. We offer tasty, wholesome snacks, as well as information exploring the links between diet, animal suffering and the environment.

Whilst events are on hold due to covid-19 & to address the climate impact of frozen distribution, retail & home refrigeration, we supply our Burger & Sosage mixes, to shops, caterers & by mail order.

Details of events are shown on Veggies diary.

Using pure fruit juices, fresh vegetables, real bread and other natural ingredients, we aim to provide a balance between organically grown, locally produced and/or fair trade ingredients, as detailed in the menus section.

Many consider Veggies to be one of the most ethical caterers on the circuit, with policies developed from 36 years experience in pure vegetarian catering. We are many-times winners of the ‘Best Vegan Caterer’ Awards. In 2019 we ceased trade supply of our Burgers & Sosages , to address the climate impact of frozen distribution, retail & home refridgeration.

For more information on Veggies Catering Campaign, tour our website or Contact Us.

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  1. Hello Kim. Sorry that I didn’t see your message sooner. I didn’t know that our website event accepted comments. It was only whilst clearing 260 spam comments prior to considering the turning comments on that I found that you had uniquely submitted a real one!

    Whilst we weren’t catering at light night your feedback has prompted this review

  2. Will you be partaking in Nottingham Light Night on 5th Feb? With craft, food and art stalls in the galleries of Justice and surrounding courtyard and streets? It would be so nice to see a veggie food stall there, as the Christmas Market in Nottingham was so dismally full of German Sausages and Ostrich Burgers xxx

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